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HyperV 2008 R2

HyperV Server 2008 R2 **rocks**. I just setup a couple of R610s from Dell and used an old PowerEdge 2850 box as a file server/witness - even over a crappy 100MB switch it wasn't bad performance (not great, but not as bad as I expected). Yes, before it goes into production I'm going to setup a dedicated storage box, with a gigabit network just for storage access, another just for migrations and then a 100 MB connection for management and another for the VMs to access themselves (as this is just a test infrastructure so we don't need super-speed for the internal testing team). The Live Migration is also killer (and NOT a feature of ESXi, it's direct VMWare equivalent). It took me awhile to figure out that I need to not use the HyperV management tool and just use the Cluster Admin tool instead, but now Live Migration works even with legacy guests like Ubuntu. Too bad Windows doesn't support NFS shares as a client - I'd just map our OpenSolaris storage box I've already got for VMWare as a drive and go that route :(. This also explains why the R610s come with 4 builtin NICs...