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HyperV vs VMWare ESXi

Let me start off by saying, I haven't had time for working on HornetQ - sadly work has been, um, a wee bit crazy recently, but I hope to get back to it. I've tweaked a few things with my ApacheMQ instance at home and now it's running happier.

Now that that's taken care of, I'll also start off by saying I want to like HyperV 2008 R2. I really did - the idea of Live Migration in a free product that I can use at home (or wherever) is pretty cool. Sadly, there are three critical problems with HyperV for me: 1) the linux support sucks, 2) no memory overcommit, and 3) when not in a cluster and not using the Guest Integration pieces, moving a VM causes it (Windows OR Linux guest) to see a different network card, thereby removing the static IP. All together, these things make me scream that I'm going back to ESXi - it may not have live migration, but I can overcommit memory, it's linux support is just as good as windows guests, and if I move a VM it still sees the same network 'card' so I don't end up with "eth3" where there's no "eth0"-"eth2" (yeah, that one puzzled me for awhile). Oh, and ESXi can run off a flash drive, so if I want to take a box that doesn't have a drive in it I can still use it for virtualization, which is pretty useful at home and would be pretty useful at work too.