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Two weeks worth of posting

Ok, so I forgot to make my weekly posting last week, which means I have to do both now. So, last week the class had Rabbi Jay TelRav. AWESOME RABBI. Energetic, organized but his method of organizing the class is to include plenty of time for questions, he didn't keep us late (bonus points!), and we learned a lot about the different parts of prayer, why, etc.. He wanted everyone to know they could always ask him a question, and to "collect rabbis, like trading cards, and I'm willing to be one of your rabbis you collect." Very approachable, and open-minded. Apparently I need to re-evaluate Temple Sinai, and being that it's closer to home than any other shul it would be cool if I could fit in there (although I recently discovered that Shauna from my Micah days is Membership chair at Bnai Havurah, yay!).

Ok, now to Rabbi Black. I feel like having him here, and with Rabbi Foster now semi-retired, it's like new blood can come in. Rabbi Foster is a great rabbi, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you have to shake things up, and breaking the switch to the ark (so it can't close) is a great way to start. :) Just kidding, but he did do that. I really look forward to seeing how he changes things at Emanuel. This class was about finishing up prayer, some of the when and where. We did a synagogue tour, but I've been at this long enough there wasn't too much I didn't know, EXCEPT that Emanuel uses a CANDLE for their Ner Tamid! I was astonished when I saw that. Apparently it's a 7-day candle. Awesome.