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Ok, so it's been awhile since I've posted - my fault. So, let's see, I had Israel Q&A and Shabbat classes. Israel Q&A had Rabbi Schwartzman from one of the west metro shuls, and Shabbat had my rabbi, Rabbi Lutman. Israel Q&A was mostly Israeli history and government/military from the 50s to the 90s or so - he's very much a hawk, but was clear and upfront with his bias, and he carried such a strong feeling for Israel - it was almost like you could taste being there.

Shabbat covered some of the things we do on Shabbat, and how to do them - most of them I knew already and had started to do. I ended up going to shul that weekend at Bnei Havurah, since I've skipped the last few weeks of shul due not feeling up to getting/going out.

Separately, I've seen a cool (for me) movie - Walk on Water. It's got Hebrew _and_ German, shows parts of Israel and Germany - I understand more of the German than the Hebrew, of course, but it's cool that I can still follow the german sometimes..