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A *YEAR* later

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, *the sky is falling*! It's the end of the world! Comcast has finally, FINALLY published their Data Usage Meter! Well call me saint and bless the goat! It finally happened. I honestly thought that the world-ending 2012 earthquakes would happen before Comcast finally got their act together. They said it would be out in JANUARY. Of 2009. I need to check the newspaper - it's possible that lions are lying down with lambs in Africa, the government has renounced socialism and my flying car in the garage gets 100s of miles to the gallon.
I know you all love finding out all the wonderful things that I run into at work, but just in case you're running a SugarCRM install, and you switch from running PHP under Apache to PHP under IIS (as you prefer IIS' better ability to separate out apps into different app pools and the ability to mix .Net and PHP apps on one box), make sure you keep display_errors OFF. In fact, this applies to any PHP code that might spit out JSON or XML output. Otherwise you will eventually find, using Firebug, that PHP is messing up the JSON or XML output and that's why your pages aren't updating properly. *sigh* Of course, if the code was good in the first place, this wouldn't happen either, but at least it's open source and not my code..


GoDaddy certs and iPhone

Just in case you're developing an iPhone app, and your API is, say, SSL secured, and you happen to be using GoDaddy certs, you may need to follow the instructions at http://www.alagad.com/blog/post.cfm/getting-rid-of-web-site-certified-by-an-unknown-authority-messages to import their intermediate certs into your certificate store. The two important parts are to run mmc and connect to the LOCAL COMPUTER's certificate store, not your own user's, and to import them to the TRUSTED ROOT CERTS area. These are two things I kept forgetting - you can't just right click and install them as that will install them to your user account's cert store and not the computers (which is what IIS uses).

I hate intermediate certs.

Google Search

I am very disappointed, I just did a Google Search on 'chris wiegand' and the real me was #7 and #10. Apparently I am also an actor, painter, life style coach, white water rafting guy, and the wife of some other guy. How odd that there would be plenty of other people with my same name, I always thought it was a little more unique (although there's a guy in NJ, another in MN/WI, and I think one in St. Loius with whom I compete for the coveted cdwiegand/cwiegand/chriswiegand logins on various sites - I've even friended one of them on Facebook).

*NOT* my Tweets

The following was posted to my LiveJournal, but they are not my tweets. Apparently the ChrisWiegand from Twitter and my ChrisWiegand LJ account are not entangled. Well, a password change should fix THAT problem....

  • 09:01 Enjoyed Patti Plinko's clinkety-clonk, Jane Birkin-esque junkshop blues last night. #edfest #
  • 15:15 What just happened??!! Saw Internal tonight. Still getting my head around it. #edfest #
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Originally uploaded by Chris and Kris
A pic we just took of our family.

"The Closet"

A touching GLBT-related short movie (just 3 and a half minutes long). Don't watch if you're offended by GLBT-related things, but then you'd probably not be watching my blog (who does anyways?).

Jun. 29th, 2009

Nothing much to report. Kevin's 5 months old now, work is busy without being crazy and it's now summer in Colorado, which means it's hot and dry and I stay inside all the time now. Got to go to PrideFest this past weekend - even got to see the parade for the first time. Isaac is learning to use a toilet, and Kevin to crawl and sit up. Otherwise my life is boring.

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Hehe, this video is rather funny. Hmm... maybe I can ask krisw if we can get some help around the house...